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Making Green Property Investment Choices... & Doing Things A Little Differently!

SILVA specialise in Green Property Investments within Executive Serviced Accommodation & Countryside Retreats (coming summer 2023!) 

Each of our partners join the mission to have a positive impact on our guests, our community and our planet by making conscious decisions. 

We have a unique framework and disruptive business model that ensures we all grow together whilst generating cash-flowing assets within Serviced Accommodation throughout the UK.

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* Green Investment Opportunities

* Eco-Serviced Accommodation Management

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We have a constant stream of Green Investment Opportunities…

From Let2SA, To Buy2SA, to Dev2SA

Your dedicated Business Development Manager can help you grow & diversify your eco-portfolio.

We have a Power Team of niche brokers, expert tax advisers & reliable professionals to help make your investments right for you. 

Simply Jump On Our List to be sent  NEW Green Investments Opportunities when agreed.

If you are a Landlord looking to see if SA Management would work for you… Download our 3 Page Proposition on the button below

We want to partner with Conscientious Landlords & Investors… Using Serviced Accommodation to help save £10,000’s worth of tax; whilst developing high cash-flowing assets. 

We manage the whole End2End process so it can truly be a hands-off investment.

Download Our Proposition To see how we work & what you can expect from partnering with us. 

By joining our Partner Programme you will be joining a community of like-minded people who wish to grow together.

Our Partner Programme will share NEW investment opportunities & receive NEW Deal Packs before they go to the Open Market. 

Book A Discovery Call to tell us what you require from your Green Investments. 

About Us

SILVA is Latin for “Forest”. This symbolises how all our partners protect & support each other to grow. 

SILVA is an Executive Eco-Serviced Accommodation Management Business designed and developed by Scotty & Jax Hodson.

Two entrepreneurs who genuinely want to provide Green Investment Opportunities to Investors & Landlords who want to do things differently… and have a positive impact on people, the community and the planet.  

The SILVA Partnership Programme provides an opportunity to collaborate and grow together. 

  • We research and source appropriate Investment Opportunities 
  • We share these Opportunities with our Partners 
  • Both us & our Partners share the risks and the rewards
  • We manage the whole operational side of the Serviced Accommodation strategy
  • We all benefit from high cash flowing assets 
  • Some of our investors and landlords will benefit from huge tax savings (Section 24. & Capital Allowances)

Our Serviced Accommodation Management Company has the purpose of ‘lifting people up” with 3 Core Values & 3 Focus Areas shown in the piccies below.  

We put our guests, community and planet at the centre of everything we do; where we have specific programmes of work to ‘Lift People up!’

SILVA is also 100% verified on TrustIndex for your comfort. 

Join the SILVA Partnership Program to “Lift People up!”

What makes us "Green"?

Typical L2SA Opportunity...

Totally Managed Let2SA Deal
2BR Detached House.
A 5yr Hands Off Investment.

Executive Set-up: £9,000

Rent: £900pcm

Additional Costs & Fees: £800pcm

Cleaning & Maint.: £250pcm

Av Monthly Income: £3,466pcm

Total Net Profit Per Month: £1,516pcm 

Projected Profit after 5 years: £90,960

Sourced by SILVA. Our Partner pays a fee to find, design, stage and launch this Executive House on their behalf. 

SILVA manages the house “end 2 end” as eco-Serviced Accommodation. SILVA sends a monthly KPI report and payout with a cost breakdown and market data to the Partner. 

SILVA consults and assists the Partner to increase their profits and portfolio. 

Another Typical Opportunity...

Totally Managed 4BR Detached House on Behalf Of Landlord. 

Executive Set-up: £18,000

Average Monthly Turnover: £4,388pcm

Costs & Fees: £1,200

Cleaning & Maint.: £300

Total Net Profit Per Month: £2,888pcm

+ Capital Allowance Claim of £10,000’s+ 

SILVA manages the house “end 2 end” as eco-Serviced Accommodation. Sends a monthly KPI report and payout with a cost breakdown and market data to the Landlord Partner. 

SILVA consults with the Landlord Partner to increase their profits and portfolio. SILVA Helps co-ordinate the Power Team so the Landlord Partner benefits from £10,000’s+ tax free income. 

Join Our Partner Programme

When you work SILVA it is a Partnership. We share the risks & the rewards of investing in Eco-Serviced Accommodation.

There will be issues… There will be challenges… But we will always show up & try to make great things happen 1% at a time. 

Lets Share Contacts & Networks

We all have value to bring to the Group & Community.

We will share our Power Team & Contacts with you to help make things a little bit easier… whilst reducing the guess work. 

When you share your successes with your contacts & network we can all grow together. 

Get Lifetime "Network Commissions"

For every guest that enters the SILVA eco-system through your properties you will get lifetime “network commissions”…when they re-book direct (Coming Summer 2023!)

The more they stay with SILVA… The more you earn! 

Time to collaborate... Whats Next?

Calm decor

1. Schedule a call to enquire about joining the SILVA Partner Programme.

Let's make sure we are on the same page; and have the same goals and values. Then you can register your interest... and we all grow together to 'lift people up!'

2. We partner together and grow a successful relationship

We love connecting with like minded people. We would love to share coffee cake and help you grow your portfolio with our Power Team. A dedicated account manager will be allocated to ensure things run smoothly.

3. We champion each other & grow!

We have a proven way to build high cash flow assets using eco-Serviced Accommodation. The more Partners & Properties we have in our eco-system the more we grow together. We pay referral fees to our Partners to refer us to their network.

Why Consider Working Together?

Q&A Section...

For New Investors*, Landlords & Developers

Awesome stuff! Lets schedule a call to discuss.

We can discuss how we do things and what returns you can expect.

We can discuss how we can structure our agreements so that you can benefit from tax savings (Section 24 – if the property is in your name) and how to claim £10,000’s worth of Capital Allowances. 

Welcome to the gang 🙂 

You might be surprised to know that you might not need any funds to begin with. Our specialist team may be able to raise the funds for you. Schedule a call to discuss.

Typically a £10k investment* would be enough to start your journey with us. This would secure a long term Serviced Accommodation deal, pay for interior design, pay for furniture sourcing, pay for project management and pay property staging. 

As added value you would also get professional photos of the property and images suitable to use as part of a social media campaign. 

If you have more funds to invest* then you will benefit from group purchases and improved ROI.

Obviously it depends on the deal and opportunity.

Typically for L2SA deals we arrange at least a 3 year deal.

The first year will see you recoup your investment; and the next 2 years will provide you with the return of your risk.

For deals that involve equity and/or ownership or charges the ROIs will depend specifically for that deal – which will be noted in the deal pack. It will definitely be more than what you would get keeping it in a savings account with your Bank. 

The longer you stay in the Partnership Program, the longer you will benefit from compound ‘Network Commissions’ which ultimately provides infinite returns. 

Simply press the ‘Schedule A Call’ button and lets chat. We have to make sure we are on the same page and doing this for the right reasons. 

We think that everyone can make a good profit in property – but we have to do it in the right way!

As an Investor, Landlord or Developer you will receive a call and a report at least once a month.

We will cover any issues or feedback. Your KPI report will cover T/O, Profit, Occupancy, Capacity and Reviews

There is a special section in the KPI report monitoring your ROI & Network Commissions 

We will discuss new opportunities and what we can do to help your vision and objectives.

We believe that as standard you should be using renewable energy tariffs, recycling as much as you can, eradicating dangerous and toxic chemicals & reducing your carbon emissions – there is nothing special there.

We have ‘Implementable Green Plans’ for the Guest, Community & The Planet which sets the standard on how we operate as a green company. Schedule a call and we can discuss these is greater details.

Register your interest by emailing hi@booksilva.com and we will send the details out appropriately

1. Schedule a call to discuss the Silva Partnership Program

2. We match the right property deal to your circumstance and goals

3. We can arrange finance to start or top-up your investment

4. We send you the deal to sign off, agree any fees and anticipated schedule

5. You choose what interior design package you would like 

6. We share our project plan and timelines

7. We take care of everything else:

– End 2 End Project Management

– Furniture Sourcing & Staging

– Professional Photography 

– Full Multi-Channel Marketing Plan Activation 

– Full Guest Experience & Management 

– Full Property & Garden Maintenance 

– Monthly KPI Reports & Feedback Sessions

– Finance Management & Partner Remunerations 

8. We all benefit from a network collective bringing new people, properties and commissions into our network. 

You Will Love The SILVA Partnership Program!

Championing Green Property Investing in Serviced Accommodation


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